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DC Britt Haven's Blaze of Glory

CH Chilcote's Texas Ranger JH

CH Chilcote Bent Oak Creditor

CH Millette's Downtown Brown JH

CH Millette's Make My Day

Millette's Better Than Fudge

CH Bent Oak's Chasing Dreams

CH Bent Oak's Merchant Bretagne

CH Bent Oak's Just Pretendin'

CH Chilcote's Challenging Teller CD

CH Chilcote's Twin Oak Challenge

CH Twin Oaks M'Lord Magnet

CH Twin Oaks Enchanted Echo

CH Chilcote Bent Oak The Teller

CH Bent Oak's Me'chant Bretagne

CH Bent Oak's Just Pretendin'

Britt Haven's Yiik Trend

Tycho's October Tippicanoe

CH Tycho II

Rudyman Gunsmoke Gertie

Tcs Taffey

Family Tradition

FC AFC Pride And Joy's Busch Man

FC October's Misty Maiden

Bridge Line Candy

CH Sanbar's Bend In The Road

CH Sterling Oaks-Sir Bentley

CH Jordean Coffee Break

Grousehavens Hammer Time

CH Shannon Creek Happy Louie

Quail Hollow's Hot Pepper




Woodland Brittanys
Karen & John Schramm
117 Mockingbird Way, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 * (570)441-4007